Who is risky from real chance of love dating

The first season premiered October 20, 2008, and featured seventeen female contestants taking part in various challenges in a format similar to other VH1 and MTV dating contest programs.

Each week, women were eliminated until the final episode where the brothers had to make their final selections.

Determined to make a lasting impression on Chance, Judith decided to dry hump her way to the top.

Exposing her overt sexuality, the woman nicknamed So Hood was eliminated on the 3rd episode, but was able to make a lasting impression on viewers.

Ultimately, Ahmad selected "Corn Fed", while Kamal did not select a winner.

We’ve taken you through the gambit of the women of all three seasons of “Flavor of Love,” the men from the two seasons of “I Love New York,” the femmes of both seasons of “For the Love of Ray J,” and now we’re back with the women who bid for the attention of Real and Chance.“Real Chance of Love” had its viewers, making it the highest rated show on VH1 both of the seasons that it aired, and with viewers came its criticizers.

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Personally I thought that it was wrong how he did Risky and Cali.

If he was not in love with either of them he knew that before the finale and I feel that he should have told them.


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