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Their solution lay in making it a niche site and marketing it to black millennials, who were unsatisfied with more general dating apps that weren’t meeting their expectations (Tinder, Match).“Niche dating apps can be more successful than regular mainstream apps because you have the ability to attract people with similar interests and possibility with the same cultural foundations,” says Neeta Bhushan, a dating expert and author of .“When narrowing the dating pool, it may help people find long-term success and create deeper connections.”Bae (named not just for the term of endearment but also for Before Anyone Else) received 17,000 downloads in its first month and grew from there.

E-learning is a lucrative market because of its growth and the fact that it's recession proof.The idea that you could “swipe” on profiles until you find your soul mate used to be a novel concept.But these days, it seems almost archaic to not have surrendered your love life to the many apps at your disposal, or at least dipped your toe in the digital dating pool.The slang is a euphemism for hooking up and is very widely used on Tinder and other online dating platforms that are owned by Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH).And while phrases like this are going mainstream and media is picking up the hype, investors could be thinking that Match is a cyclical company that follows the trend and doesn't offer anything new to the table. It's true that Match Group has a number of popular dating platforms in its portfolio.The scores of apps help underscore the uniqueness of dating in a densely populated city where “social circles and degrees of connection might be smaller”, a male law student at the University of Hong Kong said.


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