Vanness and ady dating

I don't know if this is just me but when I ship a couple so much its hard for me to watch other dramas with the actor or actress being in a romantic drama with another lead because I can't see them being in love with anyone other then each other so it takes me time to get over them In any case let me know which t-drama couples are your favourites? She's in the front and her mother, Bolo, was in the back. So I went outside and Bulu reported to me that a ... Since then, she had played many roles in both Chinese and Taiwanese television dramas, such as The Legend of Hero (2005), The Great Revival (2006), Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (2006).In 2006, she starred in Fast Track Love, the first race-car series in mainland China. I've done a few blogs comparing the most random items and drama characters! Today I came up with this wonky idea at work where I would compare drama characters to ...

I neveeer watch a drama that long but I couldn't resist I got hooked because of how beautiful these two are together and then obviously I had to go watch the other drama they had together which is a lot shorter but really good too Now, the agencies of these two said that they are dating since 2012 when they were filming the drama Love, now but when they are both personally asked if they are dating they just state that they are really really good friends which is definitely true but I hope that they are really really good friends who are also lovers Maybe its because Devil Beside you was my first t-drama thats why this couple will always be my favourite , but these two made me laugh so much since they were so cheesyy together and yet I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot at the scenes they had. Btw this could also be considered a list oft-dramas I recommend you watch because they are all really really good and in my favourite t-drama list There are a couple of drama I haven't seen so I have to watch them now hahaha besides I agree with you on this list the ones I've watched the leads had amazing chemistry Bromance actors are the best for me Baby, hello, hello again! I tried to sleep last night, but my dog, Bulu, kept barking for almost an hour. LOL, not having Xiao Xiao Bin around in an AC reunion is like a sundae missing the cherry on top.It’s been awhile since Director Chen did an idol drama, not sincewhich was insanely gorgeously filmed, and I’m hoping she’s working on a project.I have seen many blogs about favourite kdrama couples but I haven't seen any on Taiwanese drama couples. And I think there are many worth mentioning because there are great romantic taiwanese dramas out there that people should definitely watch. It took me forever to write this one and I'm glad I created it on time. Brothers AF Thread- Vanness is very protective of Ady (i.e.


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