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Choose from many authors for a variety of stories, most with fantastic images and pictures of erotic crossdresser fantasies. I think all crossdressers love erotic stories of crossdressing.

In fact many only want to read a crossdressing story for the thrill of kinky and teasing stories of crossdressers in sexy situations.

Moreover, if you have not yet found the girl of your dreams, just give it some time.

All crossdressers want to look their best and most at some point want to try to pass as a female or put on makeup and other feminine stuff.

It's a lot harder then it looks to put on lipstick correctly, get your eyeshadow on right or shape your eyebrows the right way.

One of the most common types of these stories of crossdressing are the crossdresser schoolgirl stories.

The thought of a cute crossdresser being forced to be in an all girls school dressed as a female sure has some kink to it! [Read More...]Another very popular stories of crossdressing niche is the how-to stories.


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