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University of Destruction outlines essential practical and biblical principles that will equip students for the inevitable spiritual battle they will face on campus.”“If Daniel needed to be prepared before embarking on his ‘higher education’ (Daniel 1), every Christian teenager thinking of ‘higher education’ also needs preparation.Mr Wheaton covers nearly every area one must ponder and understand before such embarkment.with long-lasting negative effects and no guarantee of return.

Given that we head off on safari at 6am tomorrow, this may well be the last blog from our expedition before we leave Tanzania on Friday night to return to Scotland on Saturday.The 2 hour service was appreciated by the pupils, who embraced the Tanzanian culture and experience warmly.The sermon gave advice on dating/engagement and marriage – an interesting topic for our students!My boyfriend loves, supports and encourages me both personally and professionally, but it wasn’t until I read “Lean In” that I realized I was doing a disservice to myself in not establishing an equal partnership at home from the get-go.Instead of us divvying up chores, errand-running and so forth, I simply assumed the role as cook and housekeeper — this despite my boyfriend’s culinary knowledge and experience keeping his own apartment tidy long before I moved in.He worked as assistant director for Ninja Slayer and Fairy Tail, and directed Shomin Sample.


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