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" PHOTOS: Before they were on True Blood Skarsgard previously dated actress Kate Bosworth from 2009 to 2011, and Chung was in a four-year relationship with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner until July 2011.Want stories like these delivered straight to your inbox?

It appears as though singer Seal may be dating a new love interest in his life, Erica Packer, and by the looks of things, these two are completely smitten with one another.Maybe Erica Packer is just dating Seal to get back at James? For now, however, both Seal and Erica Packer seemed to be in love with one another, and Erica’s children, Jackson, 5, and Indigo, were even spotted on the yacht, and were seen having fun with Seal.Who are we to judge, but it does seem a little soon for Erica Packer to be introducing her children to Seal if they really are dating.An astute reader from Ridgefield, CT, writes: "Here's a challenge for the Budget Babe—write a column on what 'mature' women can do to get reasonably priced clothing that doesn't look cheap because, unlike you [twenty-somethings], at our age we can't get away with wearing a potato sack and accessorizing!If we wear cheaply made clothes, we look poor." —Fabulous Over 50 We hear you loud and clear, Ms. The truth of the matter is this: finding wearable, modern clothes to fit one's lifestyle, budget and figure can be tricky at ANY age.Woman’s Day is reporting that witnesses saw both Erica Packer and Seal getting “extremely intimate” with one another, making it hard to deny their relationship.


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    In 1996, Heche landed her first substantial role as a college student contemplating an abortion in a segment of the made-for-HBO anthology film If These Walls Could Talk, co-starring Cher and Demi Moore.

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    The email from which she sent it to me was "[email protected]" (an email adress I've since learned is known to others because of the same reason).